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2017-04-20:  Legislative Alert - Amendments to House Budget

Several housing amendments have been filed to the House of Representatives budget for fiscal year 2018 that are beneficial to local housing authorities and to their residents. They are strongly supported by MassNAHRO.


What to do: Please contact your State Representative and request their support for the following amendments when they are considered by the Massachusetts House of Representatives during the week of April 24. Thank you for your advocacy!


Amendments 298 and 1127 (Rep. Decker, Honan and 30 others)

To increase funding for the Alternative Housing Voucher Program (AHVP) from $4,850,000 to $7,500,000. AHVP vouchers house young disabled applicants as an alternative to Ch. 667 senior housing. It was authorized as part of the solution to Mixed Populations in Ch. 173 in 1996.

Hundreds more disabled applicants would be served.


Amendment 531 (Rep. Rushing, Honan and 22 others)

To expand the highly successful Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP) by $500,000. This excellent program intercedes and saves tenancies before folks, including residents of public housing and others, become homeless and enter the costly hotel‑motel‑shelter network.


Amendments 998 and 1164 (Rep. Collins and Rep. Holmes)

Increases the funding for public housing reform by $372,132. This includes funds for training, surveys and implementation of the DHCD Housing Portal central list.


As to subsidy, House Ways and Means Chairman Brian Dempsey added $1 million to the housing authority operating subsidy account 7004‑9005 at our request. The goal now is to use the $65.5 million as a platform for an increase in the Senate. We will meet with Senate Ways and Means Committee Chair Spilka shortly in the hope we get closer to our goal of $72 million. Senate Housing Committee Chairman Joseph Boncore will assist with the effort.


Stay tuned for more Alerts. The Senate Ways and Means version of the FY 18 budget will be released in early May.